Hints and Tips to safeguard your home this winter

Hints and Tips to safeguard your home this winter

The winter months in Scotland can be truly beautiful, white dusting of snow on the mountain tops, brisk winter morning walks, hot cocoa and warm cosy fires.

Although important to safeguard your home throughout your tenancy, Relocation Scotland have some additional Winter tips:

Tenant Obligations

As a tenant of a rented property it is your responsibility to ensure that you maintain your property in line with your licence agreement. Re-read your lease agreement to see if there are any specific obligations required during Winter such as obtaining empty care checks or notifying your landlord if the property will be empty for an extended period.

Boiler Checks

One of the biggest risks during winter are frozen pipes. Your boiler should have been checked as standard when you first moved into the property, however this is required to be done annually. So, if it is longer than 12 months since you entered your property make sure to contact your landlord or property management company, so they can arrange for the annual gas safety check.


KEEP IT ON. Keeping your heating on continually throughout winter is advised. Use your homes central thermostat to control the temperature. By doing this if you are away from the property it will keep the pipes warm and hopefully prevent freezing and excessive condensation.

Travelling away

If you are planning on leaving your property empty for a prolonged period over winter (possibly returning home for Christmas). Check your lease agreement for obligations under these circumstances.

Often a landlord will require notification if the property is going to be empty for 2 or more weeks. Relocation Scotland provides an empty care service if required where we can check on your property at regular intervals as needed. Contact us today to find out more


Review all property security to ensure it is fully working, such as alarms, front and back door locks and security lighting. Relocation Scotland would also advise you to put some form of automated lighting in place. This will deter burglars as it appears that someone is in the property.  


  • DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE – Please remember that in Scotland we have a zero-tolerance policy in place for drink driving. With the festive season around the corner please be aware of other less cautious drivers on the road, particularly in the wet and icy conditions.

  • The weather can be unpredictable during Winter so best to be prepared. Ensure that you have road side assistance in place and the contact numbers are easily accessible. In case of breakdown you should store a rug, spade, deicer and hi viz jacket in your car boot.

  • GRIT – It is advisable to obtain a store of ice grit in preparation of the colder weather. Local councils generally only grit main bus routes and pavements so local driveways and paths could be extra slippy in ice conditions.


Review your contents insurance. if you don’t have any in place now is the time to secure this. Make sure that your insurance provides suitable cover for contents in case of burst pipes.

If you have any questions regarding our Winter Tips and how Relocation Scotland can help you please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1224 648488 or today.


Relocation Scotland’s new online area guides are now live. Vamoos can be accessed via smartphone, tablet and desktop

Relocation Scotland’s new online area guides are now live. Vamoos can be accessed via smartphone, tablet and desktop

Thinking of moving to Scotland or being repatriated by your company? Relocation Scotland’s new digital guide will be your one stop shop for all the information that you will need to prepare you for your new adventure. Whether it be finding the right area to live, working out monthly costings, setting up bank accounts or travelling with pets. Everything you could need, and more is covered in our APP.

We have launched our new App in partnership with Vamoos.  The app aims to support you throughout your relocation journey and forever more.  

The online guide will enable you to have portable access to our unique location guides before and whilst you are living in your new city.

We provide details regarding everything you could need to know about your Relocation;

  • Your personal Relocation Itineraries and Bespoke Relocation documentation

  • Housing Information

  • Transport

  • Telecoms

  • Local Compliance Requirements

  • Health

  • Banking

  • Education

  • Leisure, Eating & Shopping

Key Features of the App are;

  1. Your Relocation – Unique access to your personalised relocation programme, including your viewing itineraries, schooling and bank appointments

  2. Destination Guide –All new digital guide providing you with easy access to all the information that you will require throughout your relocation journey from Visa requirements to Eating, Shopping and Things to Do

  3. Notes & Pictures – You can share notes and pictures through this handy feature

  4. Maps – Access to local area maps both online and offline with general points of interest highlighted.

The Relocation Scotland app can be viewed across several platforms including Smartphones, iPad, Kindle and Desktop, making it accessible to you at home or at work.

Contact us for further information about how you can obtain your unique Login in and Passcode to gain access to everything you could need to prepare you for your move to Scotland.


Relocation Scotland (2).jpg

The world today is a vast and enticing global economy with opportunities a plenty for those wishing to experience such adventures.

Many Global organisations recognise the importance of offering development opportunities to their staff internationally and what better way to experience living in a new city than as an Expat.

However, being an expat does come with many challenges for individuals and employers alike.

There are several support organisations out there whose main aim is to make the expat experience as smooth as possible for all involved and here at Relocation Scotland, we are just one of many companies looking to do that.

Who is Relocation Scotland and What do we do?

We are often referred to as a Destination Service Provider in the Relocation industry. But fundamentally we like to think of ourselves as your eyes and ears on the ground for individuals and employers.  

We were founded in 1995 by Mary Smith. After years of relocating around the world Mary returned to Aberdeen and felt there was a gap in the market for a service that focused on one key factor, PEOPLE.

Mary’s focus for beginning Relocation Scotland was to share the best of her experiences of being an expat and ensure that every person involved found the relocation process as rewarding and worthwhile as it can be.

Why should I use Relocation Scotland?

There are a huge number of relocation companies in the UK market today. Relocation Scotland is focused in Scotland only. We work with local partners who we trust and follow the same ethos as ourselves.

Our reputation precedes us. We are extremely fortunate that we have been able to support families, individuals and corporate organisations to relocate to Scotland for over 23 years.

We have received several highly commended awards over the years and most recently we were named BP’s Mobility Global Vendor of the year for 2018. This is an accolade we are extremely proud to have received and an award that is given based on their key values of Safety, Respect, Excellence, Courage and One Team.

How can Relocation Scotland help me?

Whether you are an individual looking to move permanently to Scotland or an employee who is being seconded here, Relocation Scotland can offer the bespoke support you require to ensure that your new assignment in Scotland is as enriching and valuable an experience as possible.

Providing local area orientations, bespoke house search, settling in support to temporary accommodation we can support you with all the practicalities of moving to a new city.

You can find more details on our website and please contact us for further information or to discuss how we can build a unique relocation package to suit your individual requirements.


Welcome to our new Website & Blog

After a few months of development we are happy to finally be able to share the launch of our new Website and Blog.

Take a tour or our new website to see how Relocation Scotland can help you and get in touch . If you are looking to relocate to Scotland or already in the UK and looking for your next move, we are here to help and would love to hear from you.

We hope our new blog will keep you up to date with top hints and tips for your Relocation as well as informing you of some great trips and activities whilst you are here.

 We value your opinion

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