Reliable support for clients throughout their assignment

To find out more about our ongoing support services, please get in touch. 


Do you help with furniture rental?

Clients moving into an unfurnished property may need rented furniture for a while until a shipment arrives. We can organise this, sourcing all necessary furniture to make a house feel like a home.

Do you provide temporary accommodation?

We can organise long or short term temporary accommodation for a client’s arrival or pre-departure. We will provide a list of available accommodation, organise the administration and accompany clients on viewings if required. 


Do you provide airport collection support?

To avoid the stress of queuing for a taxi or rental car after a long journey, we will personally welcome clients at the airport and transfer them to their accommodation.

We will be arriving when the shops are closed. Do you provide welcome groceries?

We will provide welcome groceries upon arrival if requested. We will also drive clients to the supermarket on arrival if required.


Do you provide cross-cultural training?

Adjusting to a new city and culture can be challenging. Our cross cultural training provides the skills and knowledge needed to feel fully immersed in the new environment and quickly feel at home.

We'd like to bring our pets. Can you help organise this?

We can provide quarantine information and travel requirements for clients who may be relocating with pets.