Settling In

We want our clients to feel at home in Scotland as quickly as possible.

We know that acclimatising to a new area takes time, and we welcome our clients’ questions - no matter how trivial they may seem - striving to provide helpful answers to all queries and concerns. One of the things that makes RELOCATION SCOTLAND unique is our collective experience of global mobility – a background that means we are better placed to understand and anticipate the needs of our clients. By managing the relocation on their behalf, we leave clients to focus on themselves and their families.


Our settling in services include but are not limited to:

  • Guidance on leasing a property and tenancy best practice
  • Assistance with opening bank accounts, registering with doctors/dentists and explanation of unfamiliar local procedures
  • Collection of Biometric Residency Permits (BRPS) and registering with the Nationality Department where required
  • Obtaining a UK Driver’s licence and UK Driver training

  • Purchasing appliances / obtaining household insurance/ advice on setting up telephone, broadband or other utility accounts
  • Nanny agencies/ Childminder services
  • Cleaning companies / window cleaners



A trustworthy and considered approach to assisting with client departures from Scotland.

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